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Saturday, December 31, 2011

copy =="

assalamualaikum .
sebelum aku paste bende yang aku copy tadi nak bagi tau yang jangan marah aku kalau terCOPY status fb sesape . hehe . aku cakap awal2 ni . aku COPY je . jangan marah . tawu .

Death came to a guy and
"My friend today is your
Guy:"But i'm not ready!".
Death said:"Well your name
is the next on my list...".
Guy:"Okay why don't you
take a
seat and I will get you
to eat before we go?"
Death:"All right.. ".
The guy gave death some
with sleeping pills in it,
finished eating and fell into a
deep sleep.
The guy took the list &
removed his name from
top of the list and put into
the bottom of the list.
When death woke up he
said to
the guy:"Because you have
been so very nice to me, I
will start from the BOTTOM
of the list.." !!!
Moral: What ever is written
in your destiny ... Will
never change,no matter
how much u try to change.

normal la . tetibe rase cam suka pulak kat dialog atas nieyh . bukan senang nak tengok aku main copy2 ni . i mean copy status larh . malas nak snap page . so copy je la . kalau snap page banyak procedure . haha . entah la tetibe rase cam terharu bace status niey . *takde kene ngene ngn TERHARU . haha . 31december2011 . lagi 22 jam 37 min nak masok tahun baru . well . 2011 is the most happiersadnessbusierenjoyingspechlessangry year ever . *bace la korang kalo nak . sepatotnye yg ni tok post ambang new year . nanti copy balek . susah ape . haha . dah la..bosan dah ni . assalamualaikum

terjumpa status kat fb

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