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Saturday, July 9, 2011

♥here we go again bakti♥

no 1 bakti
just us are here

its starts with letter B
we mean the bakti (bakti)
we're gonna win the battle here
be followed by the A
with the K.T.I (T.I)
we're coming without any fear

keep 3x
just keep it then moving on
together the sports we conquer

we don't care about the three sports house back there
we're all the blast
the sign is clear

we'll be the best and beat them
all 5x
we don't scare to fall
never scare to fall

*we're full of zest (yes)
  come and feel the smash (yes)
  we'll make it to the best (yes)
  just beleive and you'll be blast

repeat *

yakin , murni and setia
don't mess with winner (winner)
we're striving forward for batter

feel the joy
feel the fun
the attempts we done (we done)

no 1 bakti
that's very sure

go 3x
bakti is then hot to go
you just let us make the flow

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